Art for Education: Art in favour of quality education

  Giugno 21, 2016   ,

In 2016, Italian friends of TCF will be using the power of art as it’s principal vehicle in a series of engaging events. The focus will be to create awareness of TCF’s values and themes while at the same time raise funds that will subsidize the growing number of schools in Pakistan and further contribute to their quality education.

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To start off with we will be partnering up with the Diocesano museum of Milan where our upcoming events will take place. Starting with October 27th when a vernissage of Maurizio Galimberti will occur, the master of Polaroid Portraits has decided to support TCF and the schools that “change lives” by donating to our raffle 10 small art works and an instant Polaroid Portrait which he will create live for the winner on November 10th.
The vernissage dedicated to Maurizio Galimberti on the 27th October will be Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.16.03 AMaccompanied by a special aperitif at 18:30 offered by the vegetarian renowned chef, Pietro Leeman, and his restaurant Joia, who also Is a supporter of TCF values.


The evening will be a chance to explore the artist’s style and buy tickets to participate in our raffle to win an instant portrait by Maurizio Galimberti as well as 10 of his small works of art. To participate and try to win the masterpieces from the raffle it is suggested to donate a minimum of 50 euro, either by phone call or our online shop, further information is mentioned below.


The draw will be held on November 10th at a gala evening which we are preparing, always at the Diocesano museum, for our supporters and donors where Maurizio Galimberti will be preforming his Instant Polaroid Picture live for the lucky winner! Furthermore, we will be awarding his 10 small works of art.

The profit made from the raffle and gala evening will be entirely donated to TCF school funds.

How to participate and donate to the raffle held on November 10th:

Donations are valid until 18:00 on November 10th, 2016.

  • On-line link
  • By money transfer IBAN

IT61 T030 3201 6000 1000 0464 838 to “Donazioni Iniziativa Maurizio Galimberti”

+30 0236570504/ +39 324 84 22 289